Recent Graduates

Name Advisor Graduation Date Dissertation Title
Ranran Dong Dr. Abigail Shoben Sp 2018 Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Controlled Trials for Three-Level Data: Design and Evaluation
Amy Stark Dr. Abigail Shoben Au 2017 Early Clinical Trial Design Recommendations in Oncology Based on Overall Success Across Phases I, II, and III
Mark Burch Dr. Grzegorz Rempala Au 2016 Stochastic Epidemic Models on Dynamic Random Networks and Their Statistical Analysis
Rong Lu Dr. Grzegorz Rempala Su 2016 Statistical Methods for Functional Genomics Studies Using Observational Data
David Kline Drs. Rebecca Andridge and Eloise Kaiza Au 2015 Systematically Missing Subject-Level Data in Longitudinal Research Synthesis
Fangyuan Zhang Dr. Shili Lin Sp 2015 Detecting Genomic Imprinting and Maternal Effects in Family-based Association Studies
Robert Ashmead Dr. Bo Lu Au 2014 Propensity Score Methods for Estimating Causal Effects from Complex Survey Data
Shasha Bai Dr. H. N. Nagaraja Sp 2014 Inference on Interaclass Correlation Coeffients arising in a General Clustered Repeated-Measures Design
 Alice Hinton Dr. H. N. Nagaraja Sp 2014 Contributions to Discriminant Analysis of Cross-Sectional and Longitudal Data with Applications
Danielle Sullivan Dr. Rebecca Andridge Au 2013 A Hot Deck Imputation Procedure for Multiply Imputing Nonignorable Missing Data: The Proxy Pattern-Mixture Hot Deck
Beomseuk Hwang Dr. Michael Pennell Sp 2013 Bayesian Semiparametric Joint Modeling with Applications in Toxicological Risk Assessment
 Liang Niu  Dr. Shili Lin  Su 2012  Statistical Modeling and Analysis of Chromatin Interactions
 Roger Erich  Dr. Michael Pennell  Su 2012  Regression Modeling of Time to Event Data using the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process